Remote Tracer Sales and Service

Remote Tracing Is A Great Solution for You and Your Customers

Do you want to increase your turn time from your lab on EVERY order? Remote tracing may be the solution. Even if you have a finishing lab or full surfacing laboratory, having an in office remote tracer can increase your job quality and turn around time. We have all run into an issue of a lab waiting on a frame before they will start a job, or lenses not cutting out even though you send in the box measurements. Those issues can be solved by utilizing a remote tracer. The process is very simple and takes only a minute or so as you can see from the training videos below. The best part of the whole process is most laboratories will purchase the tracer for you! We recommend tracing every job you send to your laboratory so that you can recall a lens shape, increase the quality of jobs, and save your customers time. Even if you have an in house finishing lab remote tracing can still help. Tracing lenses provides the labs with an exact layout of the lenses that their software can utilize to make a higher quality lens and ensure cut out measurements.

About Our Remote Tracing Equipment

We utilize OMA compliant National Optronics 4T tracers or National Optronics 4Ti tracers for most customers. These units have been completely refurbished, calibrated, and each and every part is working like new.

The National Optronics 4T tracers come with an owner’s manual, training videos, VisionWeb remote install software, and all calibration tools. Most of our customers utilize VisionWeb for remote orders, but the tracers are OMA compatible and will work with any remote software.

View or Remote Tracer video tutorials Here

Need to maintain an optical edger or optical tracer? Click here to learn some simple steps to keep your optical edger or optical tracer functioning correctly in between services.

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