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Optitech USA works nonstop to keep your equipment clean.

So you can work hard using it!

Phoropter Cleaning

We recommend you schedule a phoropter cleaning every 12 months to maintain optical accuracy and proper lubrication. Phoropter cleaning / phoropter service may be needed more often depending on your volume and patient demographics. Our comprehensive phoropter cleaning service includes.

Tonometer Service

Approx 65 percent of tonometers have calibration errors. Tonometers should be checked at least once a month. If errors are present they should be sent in to factory-trained personnel to clean and calibrate. Optitech Usa offers this service on all models of Applanation Tonometers.

Remote Tracer Sales

Do you want to increase your turn time from your lab on EVERY order? Remote tracing may be the solution. Even if you have a finishing lab or full surfacing laboratory, having an in office remote tracer can increase your job quality and turn around time.

We Sell Used Equipment!

We Buy Used Equipment

Did you know that OptiTech USA buys Used Equipment? Well we do and we are ready to take that used unused equipment off of your hands.

All you have to do is contact us and we will help you through the process overy step of the way! Would you like more info or are you ready to sell now? Call us at 1-855-589-1910 or fill out this short contact form.