Refurbished Patternless Edgers Sales and Service

We specialize in used National Optronics, Essilor, Santinelli edgers Tracers, and Blockers.  We have certified technicians on staff who can answer any of your questions.  We can refurbish your used optical laboratory equipment to make it look and operate like new again.

Our Refurbishing process of Patternless Edgers Include:

  • Disassemble the unit
  • Replace all bearings and/or belts that can be replaced
  • Clean, paint or powder coat all parts depending on their wear
  • All motors are re-built with new bearings and brushes
  • Brushless motors are rewound
  • Each machine is recalibrated

While Used National Optronics Edgers, Tracers, and Blockers are the staple of what we do, we have also worked extensively with Indo edgers, Essilor Kappas, Essilor Gammas, Coburn Edgers, and Santinelli Edgers. Most patternless edgers tend to have tracer and blocker combinations.

All refurbished equipment has a 90 day warranty on the work that is done!

Why Choose OptiTech Usa

100% Dedication

OptiTech USA is dedicated to getting the work you need done fast and making sure it is done right the first time.

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We have the answers for your questions quickly and efficiently so you can spend your time working on not on the phone.

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We have been in business long enough to know what it is you need. We take care of all our customers like they are our first!

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We have serviced more equipment than most of our competition and we make sure your happy with the service so we see you again.

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No more waiting around for your equipment to get returned or shipped. We finish the job and get your equipment out the door with no extra hassle to deal with.