• The Santinelli LE 9000SX is a extremely durable and efficient system for anyone considering a step up in edging technology. The LE 9000 SX includes 3D tracing and edging, all materials are capable, precise bevel control, polishing function, and integrated tracer, groover, and safety bevel blocker.
      • Beveling:
        • Auto: Computer Calculated Bevel
          • Guided: Manual Bevel settings
      • Grooving:
        • Auto: Computer calculated groove position and curve
          • Guided: Manual input of groove and curve
      • Lens Materials for Santinelli Nidek LE 9000SX:
        • Glass, High Index, Polycarbonate, and CR-39
          • Lens Size: 90 mm max.
            • Layout Range: 110mm max.
      • Grinding Size
        • Flat Edging: 18mm min.
          • Beveling: 19mm min.
  • Santinelli LEX 1000

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    The LEX 1000 has precise grooving. The unit provides superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy. With the LEX it can be equipped with Click Mode Softwar to create customizable, magnetic Chemistrie Sunlenses for virtually any frame. This technology automates the process and allows you to differentiate your practice and increase profits with the click of a button. The Lex 1000 was designed with an Advanced Soft Grind Mode to take on today’s advanced super-hydrophobic A/R coated lenses, maintaining axis to avoid slippage. For small “B” processing, the Lex 1000 can edge lenses with a narrow corridor of 15.5 mm. The Lex 1000 is a sleek, ergonomically designed edger which features Navigation Operation technology and a sensor status troubleshooting feature.
  • Santinelli ME 1000

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    The Le 1000 Lens Edger provide the highest level of accuracy and durability. The model has recently been upgraded providing a 20% faster processing cycle.
    The Le 1000  features a Soft Grind Mode and chucking pressure stabilization which protects against crazing of super-hydrophobic AR coated lenses and easily processes small "B" dimensions for the latest frame fashions. The Le 1000 precisely edges all of the newest lens materials, including Trivex and Polyurethane.
    The Le 1000 is available with the highest quality Safety Beveling and Grooving features. The grooving wheel’s small diameter has been set at an optimal twelve degree angle, resulting in pin-point accuracy of the groove even on high-base curve lenses.
  • Santinellli LE 7070

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    The Santinelli LE 7070 edger features 3D tracing and edging. All material capable. Precise bevel control. Polishing function.
  • Weco E3

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    The WECO E3 is an all-in-one edging system that has integrated tracing, blocking, edging, and drilling, which makes it ideal for lab environments with limited space and for those looking for a simple edging solution that is fully featured. With the WECO E3 you can edge virtually all of your lab work with remarkable ease and simplicity. WECO E3 patternless edging systemFeatures and Benefits: Grinding wheel for beveling all materials Automatic polishing of CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, and Polycarbonate Intuitive Touch-screen icon based interface Automatic internal/external safety bevel continuous 3D mapping Grooving at fixed 10° angle Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat ALL-IN-ONE Tracer/Blocker/Edger Integrated Drilling at 10° angle OMA Compliant VCA Compliant Superhydrophobic lens roughing process CE compliant UL Approved
  • Weco E6

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    The WECO E6 Edger is a premium edging system featuring first in class shelf beveling and an advanced milling tool.

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