• AIT Maxima

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    AIT Maxima Patternless Edger is capable of edging all materials including glass lenses. AIT Maxima also has grooving capabilities. AIT Maxima is a very robust machine and requires little to no maintenance. AIt Maxima also features a full color monitor.
  • AIT Optima

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    The AIT Optima is capable of edging all materials including glass lenses
  • Briot Alta NX

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    • Variable Mini-Bevel
    • Tilted Bevel System
    • Optional Angled Drilling
    • Inclined Grooving
    • Flexible Safety Beveling
    • Unique edging concept based on small 90mm edging wheels
    • Strong and precise lens measurement
    • Easy-to-learn human interface
    • Processing of all types of materials
    • Four cycles per material for secure edging
    • High finishing accuracy: 1/100mm
    The Alta NX pushes back the limits of lens edging while optimizing your time. It allows you to undertake more delicate work: it is at last possible to undertake drilled jobs. The Briot Alta NX allows you to personalize and get the most out of your job, you have the choice of four completely automatic bevels which take the lens characteristics and the tracing data fully into account.
  • Essillor Kappa CTD

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    The Kappa CTD is made to obtain the highest-quality finish. The automatic groove, which is calculated according to the shape of the lens, allows for accurate lens fitting. The customizable grooveing allows for both nylon and metal grooved frames, allowing you to specify the exact size, depth, width and front to back position of the groove. The combinations of parameters and customizable grooving are endless.
  • Essilor Kappa M10

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    Essilor Kappa M10 is a patternless lens edger with grooving, polishing, chamfering.
  • Essilor Mr Blue

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    Mr. Blue 2.0 is on the cutting edge of innovation, serving as a genuine ECP partner since its launch. It now features a whole range of new functions and even greater flexibility than before, Mr. Blue 2.0 is the perfect solution for the following: -Working with cutting edge technology -Differentiating your offerings -Optimizing your edging process
  • The Huvitz Excelon provides the versatility and efficiency that today’s retail practices require. All the finishing processes, tracing to edging, are fully optimized with advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology optimizing productivity and efficiency. Lens Beveling, Polishing, Grooving and Safety Beveling processes are completely integrated and easily performed by a simple touch of a button.
  • Huvitz HPE 8000

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    The Huvitz HPE 8000 includes a precise milling function for PC, high index and plastic lens. The HPE is a perfect and definitive solution that prevents axis twisting of special hydrophobic lenses. The Huvitz HPE offers diverse beveling options such as:
    • Mini-beveling for extremely small bevel frames
    • Asymmetric, semi-U beveling for high curve goggle frames
    • Partial grooving, for premium design frames.
    • Hybrid grooving to combine grooved and beveled area in one lens for extremely fashionable and trendy frames.
  • The National Optronics 6ES will process Polycarbonate, Hi-index and CR-39 lenses with exceptional accuracy. Standard features of the 6ES includes pin beveling, polishing, grooving, and automatic decentration. The clamping pressure applied by the 6ES’s electric chuck and is automatically adjusted by the selection of lens material, addressing A/R crazing issues.
  • The National Optronics 7E has drilling and grooving in one process. The 7E is flexibility to process all bevel types, processes 16mm B measurements, reduces slippage and crazing and is reliable.
  • Santinelli LE 1000

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    The Le 1000 features a Soft Grind Mode and chucking pressure stabilization which protects against crazing of super-hydrophobic AR coated lenses and easily processes small "B" dimensions for any frames. The Le 1000 precisely edges all of the newest lens materials, including Trivex and Polyurethane, and offers polishing.

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