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Ophthalmic Equipment Service And Repair

We service all makes and models of diagnostic equipment.

What you get with our Service

When your equipment is down your losing money! Keep your diagnostic equipment running throughout the year. Your diagnostic equipment needs to be serviced just like you phoropters , contact tonometers , slitlamps and lensometers. We make it easy!

  • Send the unit in to us (Loaners are available for some units)
  • Our trained Techs will remove outer casing of the unit.
  • All electrical connections are checked for loose terminals and or burns.
  • All boards are cleaned.
  • All internal stepper motors are checked
  • Internal voltages at the boards are checked to make sure they are running at factory specs. If not the board will be turned over to our on staff biomedical engineer for component level repair.
  • All internal optics are cleaned, and checked for proper operation.
  • The unit is then reassembled and calibrated.
  • We will properly pack, insure and return your unit.

All services completed have a 90 Day satisfaction guarantee!

We repair for you

Were you told that your equipment has failed and cannot be repaired by the factory or distributer? Gives us a call we can help. Every piece of ophthalmic equipment potentially can be repaired. We have biomedical engineers on staff capable of repairing your unit. These repairs can be as simple as a hardware issue or even more difficult component level repairs. We are the only facility currently offering to repair at a component level to save you from purchasing new boards at a high price. Please read our component level repair section to see what this involves. All repairs carry a 6 month warranty!

Tonometer Service, Sales and Maintenace

Approx 65 percent of tonometers have calibration errors. Tonometers should be checked at least once a month. If errors are present they should be sent in to factory-trained personnel to clean and calibrate. Optitech Usa offers this service on all models of Applanation Tonometers.

These are the steps Optitech USA takes to calibrate your tonometer:

  • The unit is first opened and checked for wear and tear.
  • When no parts need to be replace the calibration process begins.
  • Upon completion of the calibration process the unit is cleaned externally.
  • The unit is next repackaged and returned to you.

National Optronics 4T remote tracing

Remote Tracing Is A Great Solution for You and Your Customers

Do you want to increase your turn time from your lab on EVERY order? Remote tracing may be the solution. Even if you have a finishing lab or full surfacing laboratory, having an in office remote tracer can increase your job quality and turn around time. We have all run into an issue of a labs waiting on a frames before they will start a job, or lenses not cutting out even though you send in the box measurements. Many labs even lose your frames all together. Those issues can be solved by utilizing a remote tracer. The process is very simple and takes only a minute or so as you can see from the videos in the training video section. We recommend tracing every job you send to your laboratory so that you can recall a lens shape, increase the quality of jobs, and save your customers time. These tracers can be hooked directly up to a PC via usb and saved directly to that computer. Even if you have an in house finishing lab remote tracing can still help. Tracing lenses provides the labs with an exact layout of the lenses that their software can utilize to make a higher quality lens and ensure cut out measurements.

About Our Remote Tracing Equipment

We utilize OMA compliant National Optronics 4T tracers or National Optronics 4Ti tracers for most customers. These units have been completely refurbished, calibrated, and each and every part is working like new.

The National Optronics 4T tracers come with an owner's manual, training videos, VisionWeb remote install software, and all calibration tools. Most of our customers utilize VisionWeb for remote orders, but the tracers are OMA compatible and will work with any remote software or computer.

Refurbished Patternless Edgers Sales and Service

We specialize in used National Optronics, Essilor, Santinelli edgers Tracers, and Blockers.  We have certified technicians on staff who can answer any of your questions.  We can refurbish your used optical laboratory equipment to make it look and operate like new again.

Our Refurbishing process of Patternless Edgers Include:

  • Disassemble the unit
  • Replace all bearings and/or belts that can be replaced
  • Clean, paint or powder coat all parts depending on their wear
  • All motors are re-built with new bearings and brushes
  • Brushless motors are rewound
  • Each machine is recalibrated

While Used National Optronics Edgers, Tracers, and Blockers are the staple of what we do, we have also worked extensively with Indo edgers, Essilor Kappas, Essilor Gammas, Coburn Edgers, and Santinelli Edgers. Most patternless edgers tend to have tracer and blocker combinations.

All refurbished equipment has a 90 day warranty on the work that is done!

Ophthalmic Equipment and Repair Partners

National Optronics

We specialize in service and repair of all National Optronics optical equipment including Horizon Edgers, 7E Edger, 4Ti Tracer, Dimension Tracers, Axiom Surface Generator, 2G Surface Generators and 3B Blocker. We also sale new and refurbished National Optronics optometry products.

Zeiss / Humphrey

We specialize in service and ophthalmic equipment repair for Zeiss Humphrey Ophthalmology equipment including lensometers, glaucoma testers, perimeter vision field analyzing machine repair and service, microscope cleaning and service, optical biometers, ocular tonometers and more. We also sale new and refurbished Zeiss optical equipment for sale.

Santinelli International

We specialize in refurbishing and servicing Santinelli International optical products including, Santinelli retail edgers like Nidek, de-blocker service and Xtreme-D tracer repair and service. We also have Santinelli tracers and edgers for sale or can help you resale your Santinelli edgers or tracers.

Haag-Streit USA / Reliance

We offer service and ophthalmic equipment repair for Hagg-Streit USA Reliance Opthalmology equipment including exam chairs and surgical chairs, optometry stands for phoropters, repair and refurbishing services for slit lamps, optical perimeters and instrument stand service. We also have Reliance Optometry equipment for sale.

Welch Allyn

We repair and service Welch Allyn Ophthalmic equipment such as opthalmoscopes, cleaning and repair for retinoscopes and service for vision screeners. We also have Welch Allyn Ophthalmic equipment for sale.


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