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  • WECO E6
The WECO E6 Series Lens Edgers are a premium edging system featuring first in class shelf beveling and an advanced milling tool. When coupled with the C.6 Automatic Blocker it is able to process incredibly complex shapes that use to be impossible in a traditional finishing lab. Key Features: Integrated Milling with SD(Smart Design) Interface(E.6 ONLY) Grinding wheel for beveling all materials Automatic polishing of CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, and Polycarbonate Intuitive Touch-screen icon based interface Automatic internal/external safety bevel 10.5" Tiltable LCD Display continuous 3D mapping Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat Adjustable grooving angle 0-30° Minibevel technology Camera assisted blocking system with Auto Recognition Integrated Drilling Wrap Frame Processing OMA Compliant VCA Compliant Superhydrophobic lens roughing process Chemistrie™ Magnetic Lens Processing CE compliant UL Approved

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