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  • National Optronics 7E
Edge high base lenses and complex shapes using the 7E's unique cutter design. Standard cutting system: rough; finish; polish; groove; and safety bevels. Switch on the fly to the multi-fluted cutter, which provides four different bevel geometries or one of many other specialty cutters. Control profits and performance with the cost effective, versatile drilling option. Retrieve thousands of pre-programmed drill data from manufacturers’ specifications or easily input new ones. Optional package processes B measurements as low as 16mm while maintaining the ability to edge a full range of lenes. The electric clamping system minimizes slippage and crazing with controlled clamping forces. Eliminate messy and environmentally harsh coolants without sacrificing product quality. Real-time process control. Integrated, intelligent software provides directional assistance for even the most inexperienced operator. Access on-screen operations, maintenance and parts manuals with the touch of a button.

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National Optronics 7E

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