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  • AIT Combimax
AIT Combimax 3D tracing and blocking system that has everything you need. With an exclusive design that harmonizes with the complete line of AIT/Indo edging machines. COMBIMAX EVOLUTION uses DIP technology and combines a tracer, blocker and centering device in a single module. The Combimax is unique in its class allowing simultanteous reading of both eyes as well as the horizontal and vertical boxing modification. The centering device achieves automatic recognition of lenses and peforms a fully automatic blocking function. -Total parallax-free, camera-assisted optical system -New software that permits the modification of the boxing A(horizontal) or B(vertical) measurement without affecting any variation of the pupil distance -High-definition TFT color screen -Real image processing for detection of lens type and markings -Automatic, "intelligent" centerin -Windows type icon-based interface -Prismatic value calculation -Error, alarm, and help messages -Swiveling lens clamp -Numeric keyboard -Buffer Job Memory -Motor-driven locking device -Connections for PC, network and bar code reader

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AIT Combimax

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