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  • Santinelli ICE 9000
The Santinelli ICE-9000 is a revolutionary blocker and tracer combination that reads single vision and bifocal lenses. The ICE 9000 also has printed and pre-identified laser marks on progressive lenses, that increase workflow and saves time. Compared to conventional blocking which requires operator involvement, the ICE 9000 blocking arm moves in both the X and Y direction automatically. The block-head also rotates for blocking lenses on 180 degrees axis. The system’s tracer digitizes an unprecedented 32,000 points of reference per eye. Featuring an integrated ALM (Auto Lens Meter), the ICE 9000 enables lens blocking without having to mark and center lenses. This simplifies the process and increasesaccuracy. The operator only needs to insert the lens and the ICE 9000 takes over. The Santinelli ICE 1000, automatically blocks any lens with great precision. The high-resolution, color display touch screen can be used to enter job codes easily, resulting in fewer human error and resulting in precise blocking. The ICE 9000 is a highly intuitive instrument which auto-aligns bifocals and progressives.

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Santinelli ICE 9000

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