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The Ezer ESL-1800 Slit Lamp features outstanding wide-field optical performance, great features and quality design. The ESL-1800 boasts a Carl Zeiss style illumination system and an advanced Galilean Converging Optical System. The smooth classic design of the ESL-1800 allows for precise movements and easy operation of the joystick and knobs. Conveniently placed controls combined with fantastic optics make diagnostic procedures and contact lens fittings even easier. A five-step magnification changer offers one of the best zoom ratios in its class —final magnification ratios are equivalent to 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, and 40x, with the 12.5x eyepiece. A high luminance halogen lamp provides incredible clarity, and three built-in Illumination Pathway Filters can be effortlessly switched out. Great features, quality design, outstanding performance and affordable price make Ezer's ESL-1800 Slit Lamp a compelling value.


Features of the ESL-1800 Slit Lamp Microscope

▪ Carl Zeiss Style/Level Illumination

▪ Galilean Converging Binocular Optical System

▪ 5-Step Adjustable Total Magnification 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x with 12.5x eyepieces

▪ Eyepiece Adjustment from -5D to +3D

▪ Continuous Slit Height 1mm to 14mm/Continuous Slit Width 0mm to 14mm

▪ Aperture Diameter 14mm, 9mm, 5.5mm, 0.3mm           

▪ Slit Angle: 0° to 180° continuously adjustable from vertical to horizontal

▪ Heat-absorbing, Red-free and Blue Filter Pieces

▪ Red LED Fixation Target

▪ Ergonomically Designed Rheostat Illumination Control

▪ Integrated Control Joystick

▪ Compact Tabletop and Transformer for Easy Precision Movement


Carl Zeiss Style Classic Illumination

The classic slit lamp design of the ESL-1800 provides easy access during eye examinations and contact lens fittings. The illumination system sits level with the observation system and a rotating drum knob allows for change of magnification.


Galilean Converging Binocular Ocular System

Ezer's ESL-1800 Galilean stereoscopic microscope provides practitioners with unsurpassed clarity and sharpness. Its tele-centric optical path projects the object image to infinity, which is viewed by a stereo tube that is basically a pair of telescopes. The instrument offers one of the best zoom ratios in its class, as well as sharp image clarity and detail.


Five-Step Drum Magnification

The ESL-1800 offers a five-step drum magnification that can be easily switched throughout the exam. Using a conveniently located knob, the unit offers total magnification ratios equivalent to 6x (Ø33mm), 10x (Ø22.5mm), 16x (Ø14mm), 25x (Ø8.8mm), 40 (Ø5.5mm) with the 12.5x eyepiece.


Large Binocular Field of View for Pupil Distance Adjustment

Ezer's ESL-1800 Galilean stereoscopic microscope offers a very large binocular field of view of Ø33mm, Ø22.5mm, Ø14mm, Ø8.8mm, and Ø5.5mm, with high resolution and a 55mm-75mm depth of focus. The eyepieces are adjustable to all pupillary distances, allowing for a fatigue-free, relaxed experience—even during long examinations.


Continuous Slit Rotation and Aperture Adjustment

The ESL-1800 enables users to modify slit width continuously from 0mm to 14mm. The slit becomes a circle at 14mm. The slit height also can be changed continuously, from 1mm to 14mm. Four different circular beams of light are available at full aperture: 14mm, 9mm, 5.5mm, 0.3mm respectively. Using precise movements and controls, operators can swing the main body of the slit horizontally to revolve the slit image at any angle in the vertical or horizontal direction, from 0° to 180°.


Red LED Fixation Light for Accurate Diopter Compensation

The ESL-1800 features diopter adjustments of -5D to +3D. The focus of the microscope is calibrated according to the emmetropia. The Focus Test Rod will aid and confirm the microscope's accurate adjustment. The unit's Red LED Fixation Light displays as a dot; concentric circles seamlessly adjust the diopter compensation from -15D to +10D. The dot target is also especially helpful when examining patients with refractive errors that fall outside this range.


Slit Lamp ESL-1800 Ezer High Clarity Luminance and Built-in Filters

The ESL-1800 utilizes a 6-volt, 20-watt high luminance halogen lamp that provides incredible clarity. Three built-in Illumination Pathway Filters can be effortlessly inserted into the illumination pathway using the selection lever. Options include a heat absorption filter that aids in patient comfort during lengthy exams, a red-free filter that enhances structural contrast, and cobalt blue filter for use in fluorescein assessment.


Ergonomically Designed Illumination Control

The smooth classic design of the ESL-1800 allows for precise movements and easy operation of the joystick and knobs. For example, the illumination lever is conveniently located next to the joystick. The brightness control switch can be set in three different positions, making diagnostic procedures even easier.


Integrated Control Joystick

The integrated Joystick is simple to control and allows operators to acquire sharp images. The base operation of the ESL-1800 offers the following movements to provide flexibility, comfort and precision—forward and back movement to 90mm; left and right movement to 100mm, fine movement to15mm and vertical movement to 30mm. The joystick moves horizontal for fine-tuning and vertical for height and target alignment. Once you achieve the proper alignment, the base can be locked to prevent sliding.


Compact Table Top Makes the Most of Tight Spaces

The ESL-1800 Slit Lamp is equipped with all of the necessary features and utilizes minimal space for easy maneuverability and accessibility. A compact instrument table top and transformer are included with the ESL-1800. In addition, the unit's accessory drawer can be used to store the focusing test rod and other accessories.


Intuitive Design Allows for Easy, Precision Movement

The rheostat (power box) is located near the joystick for more convenient adjustments and one-hand operation. The slide base offers ease of use and better control with the joystick, while providing increased X-Y motion. For ease of maintenance, the transformer/tabletop is interchangeable between the ET-150 and the ET-175.


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ESL-1800 Slit Lamp

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