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The feature-packed Ezer ERF-3600 provides all the tools you will need to confidently perform manual refraction. Offering an easy-to-use convergence system that allows you to switch between distance and near with one simple flip of a lever as well as a smartly designed corneal aligning device, the ERF-3600 is packed with intuitive technology. In addition to its attractive design, this Ezer refractor provides an incredibly wide range of powers, allows you to precisely refract and perform vision testing on virtually any patient. In fact, Aan even greater testing range is made possible with the use of the included auxiliary lenses—all of which are coated in high-grade plated film, eliminating any glare or ghost images.


Features of the ERF-3600 Manual Refractor

▪ Wide Range of Sphere Power Readings

▪ Cross Cylinder Synchronization

▪ Rotary Prism   

▪ Impressive Range of Cylinder Powers and Axis

▪ Interpupillary Distance Adjustment

▪ Auxiliary Lenses Included


Wide Range of Sphere Power Readings

Spherical power ranges from -19.00D to +16.75D in 0.25D steps. By using the unit’s auxiliary lens, you can measure -29.00D to +26.75D in 0.12D steps. In addition, both sphere power knobs can be quickly changed in 3.00D steps for added convenience.


Cross Cylinder Synchronization

Quickly and conveniently perform astigmatic testing. The cross cylinder loupe on the ERF-3600 is conveniently synchronized with the control knob to easily change the cylinder lens axis.


Rotary Prism

Measuring rotary prism couldn’t be easier. The ERF-3600 allows for vertical and horizontal measurements of 0 to 20∆ in 1∆ steps.


Impressive Range of Cylinder Powers and Axis

Measure cylindrical power ranges from 0 to -6.00D in 0.25D steps. Or, use the auxiliary lens and measure ranges from 0 to -8.00D in 0.12D steps. The cylinder axis ranges from 0°-180° in 5° steps.    


Interpupillary Distance Adjustment

Located on both sides, the PD knobs enable smooth and quick adjustment. The pupillary distance adjustment ranges from 48mm-80mm in 1mm steps.


Auxiliary Lenses Included

For enhanced flexibility, the ERF-3600 is provided standard with 0.00D, -2.00D, and -0.12D cylinder auxiliary lenses.                


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ERF-3600 Manual Phoropter

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