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Features of the ERK-7800

▪ Auto Refractor/Keratometer

▪ Enhanced Retro-illumination Imaging

▪ Wide Dioptric Measurement Range

▪ Auto-Fogging

▪ Fast Measuring Speed

▪ Accurate Iris and Pupil Measurement

▪ Save Up to 2 Images of Each Eye

▪ IOL Mode         

▪ Comfortable Motorized Chin Rest

▪ Ergonomic LCD Monitor with 20-Degree Tilt Range

▪ Sophisticated TFT LCD Graphic User Interface

▪ High-Speed Printer and Paper Cutter

▪ Simple One Touch Lock Knob

▪ Easy Network Capability

▪ Backed by an Industry Leading 2-Year Warranty!


Auto Refractor/Keratometer

The ERK-7800 combines all of the necessary visual pre-testing functions in one smartly designed instrument. Operators can perform refractometry and keratometry alone or simultaneously. The ERK-7800 is also quick. In fact, not even the unwanted effects of patient accommodation will stand in your way thanks to the unit’s valuable built-in auto-fogging mechanism.


Wide Dioptric Measurement Range

The ERK-7800 covers an impressive measurement range of -25.00D to +22.00D.


Accurate Iris and Pupil Measurement

Measure the size of the cornea, iris and pupil with precision and ease.


Retro-Illumination Mode

The Enhanced Retro-Illumination Imaging capability in the ERK-7800 is very helpful in determining ocular health. You can check for scratches and other corneal damage as well as check for lens abnormalities such as cataract.


IOL Mode

Patients presenting with cataract or IOL won’t present a challenge with the ERK-7800. In fact, now you can gather a wealth of information about natural lens opacity as well as take measurements on patients who have intraocular lens implants.


Comfortable Motorized Chin Rest

Set the chin rest and measuring point with the simple press of a button. The built-in auto sensor mechanism allows you to track down, measure and focus the eye without ever making a mistake.


Ergonomic LCD Monitor with 20-Degree Tilt Range

You can operate the ERK-7800 while sitting or standing. The LCD Monitor tilts up to 20 degrees to adjust for individual viewing preferences.


Sophisticated TFT LCD Graphic User Interface

Sharp images with easy-to-understand icons make this 6.4-inch color TFT LCD interface user-friendly and enjoyable to work with.


Simple One Touch Lock Knob

The main body can easily be locked to its base with the touch of a single button.


High-Speed Printer and Paper Cutter

The high-speed printer provides immediate results. The findings are printed and then cut for your added convenience.


Easy Network Capability

Combine the ERK-7800 with Ezer's 7800 series or 5400 series diagnostic instruments to form an Ezer Digital Refraction Practice. The complete suite of products will allow you to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx.


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ERK-7800 Auto Refractor

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