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Unique Functions of the EDR-7800 Digital Refractor

▪ Sleek Eco-Friendly Design Using Anti-Bacterial Materials

▪ Accelerated Reboot

▪ Rapid Lens Change

▪ Reduced Operating Acoustics

▪ Touch Screen Interface

▪ 8.0” High Resolution Touch Screen Color LCD with Tilt and Screen Reversal        

▪ Multi-Function Jog Dial

▪ Elegant User-Friendly Key Pad

▪ Supports Numerous Visual Charts and Tests

▪ Built in Printer

▪ Simultaneous Data Sharing

▪ Networking System


Take Control

It's time to replace the standard refractor with the recently re-engineered, intuitively designed EDR-7800 electronic refraction technology. The EDR-7800 lets you take control of the refraction process in ways you never imagined. You can completely program your preferences into the EDR-7800 so you or your technicians can reliably perform the refraction steps in a specific order.


Touch-Screen Interface

The 8" LCD touch panel is a powerful communication and programming hub, allowing you to define and choose programs, unit tests and more. It intuitively guides practitioners and staff for convenient system operation. Personalized updates are also simple using the built-in USB.        


High-Resolution Color LCD Panel with Tilt and Screen Reversal

Offering 180° of tilt and touch interface, the high-resolution color LCD panel also offers a host of visual testing possibilities, allowing you to accurately perform color blindness tests and assess near vision using built-in charts and images.


Elegant Key Pad

The EDR-7800 has an elegant key pad with well organized keys grouped by function. Shortcut options are also possible for added ease of operation. Countless tests and charts are readily available at the press of a button.       


Rapid Lens Change

Lens operation is speedy and accurate. You won't skip any data when operating the unit's multi-function jog shuttle dial.


Reduced Operating Acoustics

The EDR-7800 has been re-engineered with faster quieter motors to improve the speed and efficiency of the exam process.


Visual Charts and Tests

The EDR-7800 offers worldwide standardized charting. With one built-in System Program and 11 Custom Programs and Unit Test Functions (30 System Test and 36 Custom Programs), the possibilities are endless. Practitioners can completely control the exam according to professional preference.


Compare Functions

The EDR-7800 also offers 6 test modes that allow you to directly compare your objective test results with the subjective test result. The helpful Compare Mode allows you to directly witness how the results of the subjective vision test differ from those measured by the Ref/Keratometer and Lensmeter.


Built in Printer

The one-step printing process lets operators quickly print test results. Paper replacement is also simplified.


Compatible Connection to Various Systems

Various chart devices (ECP-5400, ERK 7800, and PCs) can be connected with a single cable. It's recommended that owners also utilize the ERK-7800 to make full use of the functionality that's possible with the EDR-7800. digital refractor edr-7800


Simultaneous Data Sharing

The EDR-7800 makes it possible to organize and manage refraction in one test environment. At last, data sharing is cost effective thanks to that maximized compatibility among products centered around the powerful and robust EDR-7800.


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EDR-7800 Digital Refractor

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