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Features of the EDC-2600

▪ 21" LCD Panel

▪ Variable Working Distance With Automatic Chart Calibration

▪ Fast and Silent Picture Loading

▪ Independent Software System               

▪ Masking

▪ Eye Diagram

▪ Astigmatism Tests

▪ Power Save

▪ Multiple Installation Options


21" LCD Panel

Simplify the examination process and enjoy high quality with outstanding clarity.


Variable Working Distance With Automatic Chart Calibration

Chart size automatically calibrates to the working distance, eliminating the need for mirror systems that compromise image quality, as well as the need for a professional installation. The working distance may be between 2m to 6.5m.         


Fast and Silent Picture Loading

Since the EDC-2600 software is based on a SD card, picture loading is extremely fast.


Independent Software System

Since the chart software is located in an SD card, upgrading your EDC-2600 is simple. When you want to upgrade, simply replace the SD card.



The EDC-2600 provides vertical and horizontal line masking as well as single letter masking, so you can show patients exactly which line or letter you want them concentrate on.


Eye Diagram

The EDC-2600 simplifies patient education with a built-in Eye Diagram. This tool is great to have at hand whenever there is a need to explain or demonstrate something to a patient.


Astigmatism Tests

The EDC-2600 features four astigmatism clock dial charts.


Power Save

The EDC-2600 screen will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.    


Multiple Installation Options

The EDC-2600 can be wall mounted (mounting bracket included), or it can be set up on a table or stand.


Visual Acuity System
Panel 21.5"
Pixel Pitch 0.24825mm
Max Brightness 250cd/m2
Max Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Max Resolution 1920x1080
Input Signal RGB
Signal Joint 15Pin D Pattern Plug
Energy Consumption 17W
Net Weight 3.92Kg
Compatability PC/MAC
Dimension 150(D) x 540(W) x 358(H)mm

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EDC-2600 Digital Chart LCD Panel

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