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Are You at Risk for Glaucoma? What You Need to Know

At Risk For Glaucoma

Your eyes are one of your most important assets; once you lose your vision, you can’t get it back. Glaucoma affects nerves connecting to your eye, resulting in vision loss and blindness. Regular screening and early treatment for the disease can protect your eyes from irreversible damage.

Your Guide To Winter Eye Protection

Winter Eye Protection

Winter may be slow to start this season, but soon we’ll be welcoming our first real snowfall and hitting the slopes. When the world is blanketed in white, will you be ready to protect your eyes? Follow these tips to keep your vision safe all season long.

Why You Should Wear Eye Protection While Hunting

Where Eye Protection Hunting

Deer season opening day is here, and gun season is in full swing. You’ve remembered to wear your orange, you’ve set up your blind – but have you packed your most important piece of safety gear?

Eye protection (safety glasses) is a necessity, whether you’re in the field or on the range. Don’t neglect your eye health this hunting season.

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